Dense Discovery

I’m generally not a big fan of email newsletters, so I’m extremely selective about those which I subscribe to and remain subscribed to. One of the few pass my quality standards is Dense Discovery by Kai Brach.

The newsletter is positioned “at the intersection of tech, design, and culture” and is sent out every Tuesday. Each issue features a short editorial, beautiful artwork and photos, and featured apps, websites, books, accessories, and articles. Ethical considerations permeate Dense Discovery, with reminders to “consume responsibly” and a particular emphasis on climate change.

Dense Discovery has the feel of a quality print magazine with beautiful design. That shouldn’t be surprising, since Kai Brach (a designer by background) also publishes such a magazine! Offscreen magazine has a similar focus to this newsletter but is only published 2-3 times per year and goes into more depth.

Although neither Dense Discovery and Offscreen are ad-free, the advertisements are tastefully limited in their ability to demand your attention. There are only a few classified / sponsorship slots, and each ad follows a standard format, so advertisers need to appeal through the content of the ad rather than flashy design.

If you’re not sure whether Dense Discovery is for you, or simply prefer to keep your inbox clear, you can read previous issues online.

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