Digital Mindfulness Podcast

The Digital Mindfulness Podcast interviews experts in “digital ethics”, otherwise known as digital well-being / humane technology / whatever you like to call it. Dr Lawrence Ampofo started the podcast back in 2015 when few people were talking about these topics, and he continues to interview experts on an almost weekly basis.

Recent episodes include an interview with Scott Riley, a designer & author who has just published his book Mindful Design on how to make design decisions for the good of those that are using a product, and an interview with Dafydd Jones, a photographer whose new collection Screen Time which focuses on the relationship that people have with their smartphones.

Some prominent interviewees over the years include Tristan Harris, founder of the Center for Humane Technology, and BJ Fogg, the influential behavioral scientist who, in his book Persuasive Technology, described how computers can, for better or worse, be designed to influence our behaviour.

With more than 140 episodes in the archives of this podcast series, the Digital Mindfulness Podcast is a treasure trove of listening material for anyone interested in a deep exploration of these topics.

Recently, Digital Mindfulness has also started organising events, with the Digital Wellbeing Festival coming up in June and for researchers, the Digital Wellbeing Forum in May.

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