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Each month I highlight a great online resource which fits well with the philosophy of . This month, I’m being a bit cheeky and highlighting a new section of this website!

The Mobile Meditation App Directory highlights around 25 of the best and most popular meditation apps, to help you find the right app for you. We list the features of each app, the pricing, and let you filter the list based on these criteria.

Often the meditation apps we hear about most are the expensive, commercial options. They have the marketing budgets to make themselves known. And there’s nothing wrong with that: apps like Headspace have introduced thousands of people to meditation! But if you’re looking to find an affordable or free option, you’ll find it in the directory. If you’d like to support open source or non-profit apps, you’ll find those too.

We also list the iOS App Store & Google Play Store review scores. For the apps we have reviewed, like Ten Percent Happier, or Buddhify, we show our review, and for the apps we haven’t… well, come back in future because we’ll be continuing to write in-depth reviews for the top meditation apps!

Browse the Mobile Meditation App Directory now.

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